AquaVitro - Balance 4L

AquaVitro - Balance 4L


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A frequent occurrence in reef systems is low pH, while calcium and alkalinity are at optimal levels. Raise one and the others may fall. One of the primary reasons for this is an improper carbonate/bicarbonate ratio. The buffer ratio changes as a natural consequence of the buffer's ability to counteract acidifying sources such as organic acids (produced naturally from waste) or introduced from non-pH controlled husbandry products. In this case, adding more buffer would unnecessarily result in a rise in alkalinity and a drop in calcium. The first product of its kind, balance ends this see-saw effect. It resets this ratio by converting bicarbonate into carbonate in order to reassert a higher pH without affecting calcium level.

balance is an optimized blend of sodium and potassium hydroxides with a NSW ratio (27:1) of sodium to potassium to avoid ionic imbalance with long term use.

aquavitro offers other solutions designed to address the unique challenge of raising pH in a reef environment. ions addresses the problem of low magnesium which is a cause of low buffering pK and pH. eight.four addresses deficiencies in pK found in competing products by providing a properly balanced (carbonate/bicarbonate) buffer system.

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