JBL Product JBL - Acclimol 100 ml

JBL - Acclimol 100 ml


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For aquarium water ideally suited to the requirements of the fish: when adding new fish, after working in the aquarium, during fish transport to activate the resistance of freshwater aquarium fish

Protection against stress and support of the immune system thanks to multivitamin complex with vitamin C
Healthy water, healthy fish: protection of mucous membranes, gills, skin and fins by means of protective colloids

Prevention of iodine deficiency symptoms thanks to iodine complex

Contents: 1 bottle Acclimol. To use: 10 ml/40 l water. Example: in a 60 l aquarium: 15 ml for setting up a new aquarium, 5 ml for 1/3 water change every 2-3 weeks

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