JBL Product JBL - ActionAir Magic Diver

JBL - ActionAir Magic Diver


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Adventure under Water: Transform your aquarium into an adventure aquarium and give your creativity free rein. Design your aquarium according to your wishes and add visual effects with figures moved by air flow effects. Experience nature with creativity

Decoration with function: The aquarium decoration consists of non-toxic and abrasion-resistant materials and doesn’t affect the water quality. Safe for fish and plants The figures move with the bubble flow in the water

Easy installation: The figures have an air connection where the air hose can easily be put on. A useful accessory might be an air regulator (JBL ProSilent Control) which can run several figures and is able to regulate the air supply precisely. This way the figures move up and down and turn as quickly as you want

Package Includes: 1 ornament for aquariums, ActionAir Magic Diver7

Details: Ornament for aquariums: Deep sea diver with an airplane engine on the ocean bed. Movement in the aquarium: The propeller in the engine turns with the bubble flow. Natural coloring of hand-painted figures. No deterioration of water quality: use of non-toxic and abrasion-resistant materials. Helmet diver with aircraft engine on sea ground. non-toxic and non-abrasive coloration. Hand painted and very natural color. The propeller in the engine rotates through operation with an air pump.

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