JBL Product JBL - NovoFex 250 ml

JBL - NovoFex 250 ml


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Alternative to live and frozen food: treats for tropical freshwater fish and turtles. Drying process is gentle on nutrients

Nutritious and easy to digest: ideal feeding conditions for turtles and fish species from 5 to 20 cm in all water layers. Armored catfish love to dig out the hidden cubes

No water clouding: better water quality thanks to better digestibility of the food, which reduces the fish excrement

Fish choose JBL food: 98.5% of all fish species ate the JBL food immediately during research expeditions in freshwaters. Vacuum freeze-drying ensures that important nutrients are retained in the dried feeder animals

Contents: treats, for aquarium fish and turtles. After opening use up within 4 months. Unopened can be stored for 3 years in high-quality packaging with foil seal

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