JBL Product JBL - ProAquaTest Mg-Ca Magnesium-Calcium

JBL - ProAquaTest Mg-Ca Magnesium-Calcium


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Simple and reliable monitoring of the aquarium water values. Determines the ideal magnesium and calcium value for vigorous and healthy growth in corals and calciferous red algae

Easy to use: first carry out the calcium test, then the magnesium test; subtract the result of the calcium test from the result of the magnesium test – the result gives you the magnesium content

Reach: the number of measurements depends on the level of the calcium and magnesium content

You will find detailed information and troubleshooting tips about water analysis on the JBL website in Essentials/Aquarium or Pond

Package contents: 1 test kit Mg and 1 test kit Ca, incl. 5 reagents, 2 plastic cuvettes, syringe and dosing spoon. Reagent refill separately available

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