JBL Product JBL - Proflora Taifun Extend

JBL - Proflora Taifun Extend


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Extension module for CO2 diffusers for the change to bigger aquariums or for harder water

Easy integration into the JBL Taifun diffuser

Extends diffusion path by 8 cm, increase of CO2 supply: suitable for all common CO2 systems, 5 modular parts of 16 mm each in height

Sturdy Makrolon, can be completely dismantled , easy to clean, increases capacity by 100 l at 10 °dKH or 200 l at 4 °dKH

Package contents: extension for CO2 high-performance diffuser, ProFlora Taifun Extend, incl. 1 retaining clip, 1 suction holder

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