Red Sea - Reefer RSK 300 Skimmer

Red Sea - Reefer RSK 300 Skimmer

Red Sea

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Red Sea - Reefer RSK 300 Skimmer

Red Sea Recommends for tanks up to:

  • Light Bioload - 225 gallons
  • Medium Bioload - 150 gallons
  • Heavy Bioload (most common) - 75 gallons

Red Sea Reefer Internal Protein Skimmers are designed with the hobbyist needs in mind. From quiet rubber feet, a robust air silencer, and not to mention the FoamView window with built a built-in manual neck cleaner, all which are focused towards easier maintenance along with a quieter reef tank. Starting at the top, Red Sea's Reefer Skimmers now include a built-in neck cleaner that can be manually turned to remove any build-up from the walls of the neck, while the integrated FoamView window lets you see how the foam is collecting in the neck. Along with the included cup-drain tube, emptying the collection cup is only requires a turn of a valve, and is also super easy to connect to an external waste collector. Moving down, every Red Sea Reefer Skimmer includes a Sicce PSK pump for enhanced performance and reliability that pushes a balanced amount of air and water through the hydrodynamically efficient bubble diffuser setting them up for a turbulent free ride into the collection cup.

  • Integrated Manual Neck Cleaner
  • High Flow Air Silencer
  • Simple to Maintain and Disassemble
  • Easy to Tune Water Level Control
  • Vibration Reducing Feet and Connectors
  • Includes Collection Cup Drain Line & Valve
  • Multiple Pump Orientations for Sumps with Tight Spaces


  • Footprint* - 9.1" x 8.3" or 9.8" x 7.1"
  • Height - 21"
  • Recommended Water Height - 6" - 8"
  • Air Flow - 500 LPH (130 GPH)
  • Water Flow - 1000 LPH (265 GPH)

*Footprint can be changed depending on the pumps orientation inside of the skimmer body

What's Included?

  • 1x RSK 300 Reefer Protein Skimmer Body
  • 1x RSK 300 Reefer Collection Cup with Neck Cleaner
  • 1 Meter RSK 300 Reefer Drain Hose with Valve
  • 1x RSK 300 Reefer Air Silencer with Pump Feed Hose
  • 1x Sicce PSK Pump

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